Participant Outcomes

The ultimate goal for Plan Sponsors is to achieve retirement security for their employees. The strategies, tools, and delivery platforms to achieve this goal are evolving rapidly. Hubbell Consulting is focused on developing client specific solutions through ongoing analysis of industry resources, evolving technology, and proven “retirement readiness” strategies.

Consulting services we provide include:

  • Analyzing  employee "retirement readiness" statistics
  • Evaluating  employee education and investment advice strategies and mediums
  • Conducting due diligence on investment advice arrangements required under ERISA
  • Reviewing appropriateness of automatic enrollment for plan participants
  • Formulating  specific education or advice programs and goal metrics
  • Sourcing  and evaluating  effective education materials, advice providers, and resources
  • Ensuring  participant education material complies with Department of Labor Bulletin 96-1
  • Coordinating  logistics and implementation of employee programs and workshops